Over The Rainbow Merino Roving Top

Weight=113 Grams

We like to believe that over the rainbow there is a ton of sparkle! So we made a blend to bring all that glitters down to earth with this stunningly shiny blend.

Meet our very new Fairytale range which is here forever after! We've blended glitter and merino to bring you a collection of spellbinding creations.


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Beautiful Fiber

To start with, what a great website to navigate to see all the lovely fibers available. It didn’t take me long to find several items to buy. I figured I would get these items in about a week or more. To my surprise the fiber was shipped the same day and I received the package in 3 days! I’ve already used my Jenkins turkish spindle to spin up 4oz. I will definitely be coming back to order more in the near future. Thank you, Sheila

Jacob Erwin

Such fun colors and a fun spin! Shipping was awesome as well!

Curbette Sadler
Nice Combination of Colors

The colors are vibrant and work well together. Looking forward to incorporating this in my weaves. Thank!