Cheviot Ecru-Wool Top

Weight=29 Grams

Bright and White! One of the 'whitest' of the natural white breeds. A strong resilient wool perfect for the basis of a project.

The Cheviot fleece varies in quality from fine to coarse and has many applications, making this wool very versatile. It is of a good, white color overall. It is not too crimpy and is quite resilient, which makes Cheviot wool suitable for filling purposes. The fineness is approx. 30-35 microns and length, 80-100mm.
Perfect for hand spinning, hand felting and many other craft uses.

Microns: 30-35
Fiber Length: 100mm
Top'Roving Length: 4 meters per 100g approx
Top/Roving Width: 1 inch

Customer Reviews

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Ilene Karnow
Beginner Spinner

Originally I received this as a gift, I had to reorder because it was so easy to use!

Kayla Degnan
1 x Cheviot Ecru-Wool Top

So happy with my purchase! I got such a big about of wool for such a great price! I was able to make my needle felting projects and still have so much wool left over for future projects to come. My order shipped quickly. I will definitely use Mohair & More for future orders.