Corriedale Bulky Wool Roving-Deer

Weight=113 Grams

Deer Beautifully Bulky Carded Corriedale. We've created a range specifically designed for animal projects. Our Woodland Creatures Range is produced from Corriedale Fleece 29/30 Micron. Perfect for 3D needle felting, wet felting and spinning.
Fiber Weight 4 ounces
Microns: 29-30
Fiber length: 80-120mm
Thickness: Approx 1-2 inch

May contain a very small amount of vegetable matter

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Great stuff

A great medium brown roving that can be used on its own of blended with some of the other brown tones. I love and appreciate that all of the roving I ordered looked exactly like the pictures shown.

Sherrie Crooke
Great product.

I’ve ordered this several times for my needle felting projects. It’s wonderful. I love working with this core Roving.

Jean George
Excellent wool for felting animals

The corridale woll that comes in the animal fur colors is wonderful. It looks like real fur and is extremely easy to work with. I have used a lot of the Deer color on several projects including baby bunnies, puppies and for Halloween some wolfmen scultures. I am very happy with the wool and the service from Mohair & More.