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Beautifully warm and soft Camel fiber, perfect for any luxury project. 

Camel hair is considered to be a luxury fiber in its de-haired form with a micron count of 17-19. The Bactrian (two humped) camel produces an undercoat of soft strong fiber and a coarse outer coat of strong fiber. The animal sheds its hair every year and this is collected by the herdsmen. The fiber from the soft undercoat is prized for use in coatings and other fabrics. This is obtained commercially in a carding process, known as de-hairing. This process is slow and expensive.

The resulting fiber can then be used 100% or in blends with wool. The fibre has similar properties to wool and is warm in cold weather. The fiber is a white to light natural fawn color in young animals and darker and coarser in adults. It can be lightened by mild bleaching, but this can detract from the soft feel of the fiber. Therefore baby hair is more prized than adult hair and commands a much higher price. The main producing areas are China, Tibet and Mongolia. Worldwide markets have used this fiber for many years in luxury garments.

Fiber: Camel
Microns: 17-19microns
Top/Roving Length: 4 metres per 100g
Top/Roving Width: 1 inch