Fawn Alpaca and Tussah Silk Top / Roving

Weight=28 Grams

Rich Creamy Blend! This is a luxury blend. It is a combination of lustrous silk and luxurious fiber to produce a unique effect and a soft silky feel.

Alpaca is considered to be a luxury fiber. The Alpaca is a camelid (related to camels) like the Llama. It produces a fairly fine, soft fiber in varying natural hues from white through to fawn, to browns, and grey to black. This fiber has been used for centuries in woven fabrics and vast amounts were imported to Europe for use in suiting.

Fiber: 50% Alpaca Fawn
           50% Bleached Tussah Silk
Color: Fawn / White
Top/Roving Length: 179 inches per 4 ounces approx
Fiber Length: 3 inches  approx

Total Fiber Weight 4 ounces.

Excellent for any spinning or felting project.

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