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Angora Goats Kids twoAt Mohair and More we raise Angora Goats and sell high quality raw and washed mohair. We shear our Goats twice a year and have Kid, yearling and adult mohair available after each shearings in January and July of each year. We also have an online store which carries a large selection of fibers and yarn - visit our store at or click on the store tab above.



We are located in a small community 50 miles north of Houston, Texas on approximatly 50 acres of rolling green pastures.

Our herd of registered white angora goats currently number twentysix.

We use 275 gal totes to provide water for our goats when relocating them in areas where no water is available. The totes are moved using my tractor's front-end loader. We are considering building skids so we can move/tow them with the truck or tractor. The totes are fitted with a self watering float valve.

Angora Goat Watering StationAngora Goat Watering Station

Our feeders are relatively easy to build out of treated 2x4s. They are 34" high, 8' long, with the hoof rail 15" from the ground. The top of the feeder is made from three 2x4x8', one for the bottom, with one nailed on each side and another short one on each end, the top is covered with 4 x 4 grid cut from utility panels.

Once we starting using the feeders it seemed to cut down on a lot of fighting during feeding - they seem to concentrate more on eating. These feeders are a little over 2 1/2 years old and are holding up well.

Angora Goat FeederAngora Goat Feeder and Kid

Angora Goats - Buck - BurdockAngora Goats - Bucks - Burdock and Dandy

Angora Goats - Feeding TimeAngora Goat - Doe before shearing

Angora Goats - Kid Buck - LonghornAngora Goats - Kid Doe

Angora Goats - Kid Bucks - GroupAngora Goats - Kids

Angora Goats - Kid Doe - SunshineAngora Goats - Kid Doe - Sunshine 2

Angora Goats - Jago and MomAngora Goats - Kids2

Donkeys - Picture 1Donkeys and Goats - Picture 1

Donkeys - Baby Donkey and Kid GoatsDonkeys and Goats

Wildflowers - PondWildflower - Picture 2

Wildflower - MushroomSpiderweb with dewWildflower - Picture 4Wildflower - Picture 5

Racoon coming out of a tree we cut down - a surprise for us and him!!!



Snake in backyard just before he decided to head for safer cover.

Snake in the Backyard





Louise is getting mullberry leaves for the donkeys and goats - they will eat them as long as she picks them.
Holly Berry is looking after the new kids. They do seem to get into everything
Jago and Mom waiting for dinner.
Sunshine sporting her new coat.
Several of the Kid Bucks after their first shearing
Longhorn at six months - getting ready for his first shearing.
Lovey and Buggy at four months.

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